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Fight Club

I learned about the videos of teenagers fighting on September 13 from an email I received from a friend who had seen them. She was concerned and wanted my advice on what to do. I watched the three videos (which … Continue reading

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Another Black Eye

My plan for today’s post was to write about the primary that took place yesterday, but I was shocked to see the story in today’s Register about the Feds raiding the West Haven Housing Authority offices. So I’ll get to … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Caucus

I attended my very first West Haven democratic caucus tonight. What caucus you ask? That’s right, it’s one of the best kept secrets in town. You probably missed the one-inch by one-inch announcement about it that is legally required to appear in print … Continue reading

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Dirty Politics

The September 13 Democratic Party Primary is only a week away and I am wondering how many more political shenanigans we can expect. Here’s what I’ve witnessed to date. It began with Mayor Picard’s team helping Nancy Rossi get enough signatures … Continue reading

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Last Meal at Jimmies

I grew up going to Jimmies down by the water for hot dogs and fries when I was a kid. My family would drive over in our red VW bug and eat in the car with the sea gulls circling. I remember … Continue reading

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Satellite Eye Sores

I consider myself fortunate to own property in the center area of town and in West Shore. As a property owner, I take the responsibilities that go along with it pretty seriously. One of the more important ones is how … Continue reading

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