Vote on August 14

As of March 2012, West Haven had a total of 27,749 registered voters. So out of about 55,000 residents, only 50% care enough to vote. Very sad. And even more disconcerting is that a good majority of the registered voters probably won’t vote in the Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday, August 14. I hope I am proven wrong.

There are two races that are particularly contentious – Democratic Registrar and State Representative for the 116th District. Patty Horvath and Debby Evangelista are running for registrar. It is a 25 hour a week part-time position. Currently the hours for the office are: Republican Registrar 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.; Democratic Registrar 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. I try to be as informed as possible when casting my vote, so when I saw Patty’s election statement on FaceBook (FB), I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask her a few questions about her candidacy. I have known her from her many years as a staunch supporter of former Mayor Richard Borer. Patty works as a school paraprofessional from 9am-3pm, so I was curious to know how she would perform the registrar duties without relinquishing the school job. She would only have two hours left in the day for the registrar job if it continues on the same hours of operation. How will she find the time to manage the office? Her only response to me was: “In West Haven, many of the paras work two jobs.” I am aware of that, but I am not aware of any that hold elected or appointed positions in West Haven that have set hours to meet with the public. In her FB statement she states “I will focus on the high level of professionalism, preparedness and transparency that West Haven and her residents so richly deserve.” I certainly agree that we do deserve that, but I have to question the transparency of her response to me. I asked a fair and reasonable question, but she did not afford me a fair and reasonable explanation of how she plans on having the time to do justice to the position. The current administration lacks transparency at the top, as well as in many other areas, and I will not cast my vote to continue that tradition.

In the race for State Representative in the 116th are Lou Esposito and Dave Forsyth. Dave is serving his second term on the City Council. He is an up and comer and has a real desire to revitalize the Allingtown community. He feels it has been stagnating over the years. Lou has been the incumbent for 20 years. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe most of those years have been unchallenged. Is it time to breathe some new life into the Allingtown community? If so, then I think you know who to vote for.

Please vote because your vote does matter. Tuesday, August 14. Polls are open from 6am to 8pm.

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3 Responses to Vote on August 14

  1. James Arria says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    As usual, I like your points! It is truly sad that seemingly so few seem to vote. I do not expect a big turn out for this primary, and I admit I myself have wavered on whether to vote or not. I probably will, but I think two things are a big problem: 1) Residents are simply fed up with all these primaries which cost taxpayers money, and with taxes being so ridiculously high as is, it just makes their apathy increase. I think people here have ZERO faith in any politician here, and that’s sad, because there are good, decent people who want to make a difference. The constant infighting between Democrats hasn’t helped either, it seems like everyone has an agenda,

    2) A lot of long time residents are either retired and moved away, or are no longer with us. The ones that are still here seem to have grown fed up with everything. Also, the younger residents of our city seem to be vastly uninformed or uninterested in the issues here. People treat West Haven like a stop over, they live here for a while, get fed up with high taxes and other issues, and then leave.

    I also think the fact that people who run for any office here really don’t do anything to really get to know those they serve. Everything is done through email, snail mail or social media. There is almost no face to face contact. How do you cast an informed vote by just reading something on paper?

    I too hope you’re proven wrong, but I fear West Haven’s biggest problem continues to be apathy and no faith in politicians in general, and that truly IS sad.

    Jim Arria

  2. Honoria Rhodes says:

    Those 27,749 are registered to vote in the general election (November). What do we care who the Democrats and Republicans select? I have asked teachers and others how these parties managed to get the public to pay for their internal party business.

    The fact that they cannot even mobilize their own cadre to show up is pretty good proof that they have both lost the “culture wars”.

    Independents rule! Or ought to…

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