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Commissioner Picks

I read the two articles in today’s Register about the new commissioners picked for the Housing Authority and the Allingtown Fire Department with interest and some concern. In the Housing Authority piece, I see that Mayor Picard has picked all … Continue reading

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Another Black Eye

My plan for today’s post was to write about the primary that took place yesterday, but I was shocked to see the story in today’s Register about the Feds raiding the West Haven Housing Authority offices. So I’ll get to … Continue reading

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Vote on August 14

As of March 2012, West Haven had a total of 27,749 registered voters. So out of about 55,000 residents, only 50% care enough to vote. Very sad. And even more disconcerting is that a good majority of the registered voters … Continue reading

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More Community Garden News

After taking a month or so off to recharge the old batteries, dear readers, I am back. Of course there’s nothing like an article appearing in the Register about the subject nearest and dearest to my heart to get me going … Continue reading

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