Fresco A Hit

 Fresco Menu

A friend and I had dinner at Fresco’s in West Haven last night. I’ve been waiting for that place to happen for about a year now and it finally opened it’s doors last week. We were blown away. Our meals were fantastic. Fresco’s serves the freshest Mexican food around. It also has an extensive list of tequilas and speciality drinks that I was only too happy to sample. But before I start making you drool for the food, I’ll tell you about their cocktails.

I started with special drink of the day, a watermelon margarita. I ordered mine on the rocks, but of course you can have it frozen, too. It came with a huge piece of fresh watermelon on the rim. Yum. It tasted like summer in a glass! I could have had several more of them, but decided to try a traditional margarita next. You can always tell the quality of a Mexican restaurant by the quality of its margarita. It was perfection as well. They also have a number of different tequilas you can sample. In the menu it gives the characteristics of each one. I’m going to have to go back and try a flight or two of some tequilas I’ve never had before. That sounds like fun (or maybe trouble).

The menu is really special. They have some traditional items as well as some unique fare. I was in the mood for tacos, and many times when I go to other Mexican restaurants, they only have beef, chicken, or pork. I eat a lot of seafood, so I was thrilled to learn that Fresco’s was serving up shrimp, scallop (special that night), or fish tacos. Of course, they offer beef, chicken or pork versions, too. You can pick one of three tasty ways to have your tacos seasoned: El Carbon, Asada, or Al Pastore. I’ve linked the menu up above so check it out. You will be drooling. I ordered my shrimp tacos El Carbon and it was fantastic. Beans and rice come with your order. I also had to sample a side of guacamole because I love it. And being a bit of a guac snob, I am very happy to report that Fresco’s makes a damn fine guacamole.

Fresco’s salads and appetizers look awesome. I am sorry I could only eat so much because there are many other things on the menu I wanted to get, too. Well I will just have to make a few more trips back for the Coctel de Carne de Cangrejo (crab cocktail) and the Queso Fundido (melted cheese dip). They have ten different kinds of enchiladas and several taco specials. An outstanding lineup of entrees includes roasted breast of turkey in a fantastic mole sauce with 26 ingredients, coconut chicken, duck breast with a fig mole, grilled thick cut pork chops with a tamarind chipotle glaze, marinated char grilled steak, shrimp in a rich sweet chili tomato sauce, and many more mouth watering dishes.

The ambience of the restaurant is really fun. There is a bar area that sits at least twelve in an airy room with additional bar tables. They also have a dining room with plenty of seating. So come hang out at the bar, or bring the family down for dinner. I promise you will love it. The food is great and reasonably priced. And with summer just about here, who does not want a fresh and fruity frozen margarita! There’s outdoor seating, too.

Fresco is located at 240 Captain Thomas Blvd in the C-Town shopping parkade (in the old Danny’s Espresso Italian Restaurant) so there is plenty of parking. They are open Monday-Sunday from 3pm to midnight. For reservations call 203-691-8492.

Dawn and Tim Callahan are the owners of Fresco and are West Haven residents. I wish them all the best and much success with their new restaurant.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I feel like I was there:)….Tracy

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